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Meet Sara


Hello!  I’m the founder of Revival Garden Company and a passionate gardener in my own rite.  I have been a gardener for as long as I can remember, coming from a family that always had a large kitchen garden and bountiful flower beds.  At my house, growing and eating our own garden produce was a natural part of each season. 


After college, my husband and I lived on the organic farm where we helped the owners expand their growing space for vegetables, flowers, and fruit production.  We learned the the cornerstones of organic gardening that we still use today.  Eating real, unprocessed organic food is the basis of our meals at home and there is nothing that brings me more pride that putting together a meal made mostly of what comes from our garden. 

My hope is give others the tools to enjoy gardening like I do.  I don't believe that people can't have green thumbs, but rather haven't yet learned the basic steps of garden care.  Everyone, small kiddos to adults, can learn this stuff and enjoy the process.

I would love to be your guide and work alongside you to create your dream garden!

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