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We Cultivate, so You Can Enjoy

One thing is certain about the edible garden, it’s dynamic. Unlike the ornamental landscape, the edible garden grows quickly and changes day by day. Regular maintenance is imperative to a productive and healthy garden.


I will come every other week to check on your garden.  This ensures that I can help keep plants harvested, so they keep producing for you.  I will also keep up on weed and pest management tasks as needed using holistic and organic practices.


A once a month visit is great to help maximize the harvest and really keep up on succession planting so that you always have fresh fruits, veggies, herbs, and flowers pouring from your garden. I will bring in new plants and seeds as needed, keep up on the weeding and maintenance, and check on your irrigation. 


This is the most popular option.  The seasonal maintenance option lets you take care of the main tending of the garden through each season (typically a 3 month span).  I will bring in fresh compost to top off your garden beds and new plants appropriate for the coming season. This takes the guesswork out of what to plant each season.

Tell Me How I Can Help...

How often do you think you'd like us to come out?

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