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My coaching services provide the guidance you need that is unique to your garden.

A garden coach is a person who is an expert at growing things and wants to help you be a successful and confident gardener too. Not only are we in love with gardening on our own, we love to help others learn more about gardening and give new, and even knowledgeable gardeners, support and advice on how to garden better in their climates.

Here's how it works...


After you submit the form and pay for the session, we'll set up a meeting as soon as possible.



Our coaching begins with a one-on-one walkthrough of your garden.  We can discuss any gardening challenges you might be experiencing, talk about best practices for a thriving garden, or make a plan for upcoming garden maintenance tasks.  The sky is the limit here.  I want to impart my knowledge so that you can grow as a gardener.


After we meet, I will prepare a follow-up report about our coaching session and send you any digital resources I think you'll need to keep the excitement and motivation going or suggestions on products to move forward with.


Revival Garden Co offers our clients several maintenance packages including bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly services.  I highly suggest the quarterly services for new compost and plants at the start of each new season.  Maintenance services allow you to enjoy the light tending and harvests of the garden without feeling overwhelmed.

Put me in, Coach!

Thanks for submitting! I can't wait to garden with you.

Coahing Form
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